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Christmas tree sales to go ahead despite lockdown
Christmas tree sales to go ahead despite lockdown

[图: _115587491_hi064405041.jpg]

Family get-togethers may be in doubt but you should still be able to buy a Christmas tree in the run up to
the festive season.

The government has changed lockdown rules so that tree farms and sellers can open from Saturday in England.

What will become of other Christmas traditions remains to be seen.

The Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and Westminster governments are still discussing how to allow families to
meet while controlling the virus.

The Christmas tree move comes after the government relaxed quarantine rules so that people coming to
the UK to work on turkey farms do not have to spend two weeks in self-isolation.

This would "ensure adequate supply of food for the Christmas period," the government said.

On Wednesday, the government's medical adviser on Covid, Susan Hopkins, said Public Health England was
working on a plan and wanted Christmas to be "as close to normal as possible".

She said tough restrictions might be needed before and after the holiday to allow mixing to take place.

BBC health correspondent Nick Triggle said any rule change would be for a limited time, maybe just a few days.

A Downing Street spokesman said the prime minister "has been clear in his desire to try and allow families to
have Christmas together".

The spokesman said tougher measures were being taken now to drive down transmission and hospital
admissions. He said the prime minister would look at the latest data to make decisions - and there would be
an update on the next stages next week.

But on Friday, First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford warned that people risk facing strict Christmas measures
if Covid-19 infection rates surge.

He called for people not to "fritter away" lockdown "success" after seeing the "first signs" of the firebreak -
strict restrictions that were in place for 17 days - working.

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6 Of The Most Effective Healing Stones For Stress And Anxiety
It is one of the most frequently often asked question... What are the best crystals that can help ease anxiety and stress? It's a common theme among people of every walk of life, both men and women as well as children, parents and students. If you've ever considered natural methods for stress management and relief from anxiety, or even thought about it, then consider yourself living, breathing human.

Although stress is something that's natural, normal and often even beneficial however, it can be detrimental in your ability to manage your life. One of the most effective natural ways to relieve anxiety and panic attacks is to use healing crystals. Crystals have their own healing powers for the mind, body and soul. They help to increase energy flow and help you to be in control of your life. Check out this gemstones for anxiety Six healing crystals are available for those who wish to be in a state of tranquility and restore their lives by getting rid of stress and anxiety.

Amethyst "The Anxiety Eliminator"
Amethyst and its tranquil shades of purple is extremely protective, healing and purifying. This is the crystal that should be in your vicinity during anxious times. It can dispel all negativity and attract positive, calming positive vibes. Amethyst is often referred to as "the all-purpose rock" and can aid in helping you rest better.

Rhodonite, 'The Releaser'
Rhodonite is also known as the term "the stone to compassion" is a potent and effective stone that helps decrease anxiety. Rhodonite does not just help you to let go of undesirable things, but can also reduce anxiety and help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. It allows you to recover from emotional scars and it also helps to nurture love. It is safe to know that you're in safe in the hands of you have a Rhodonite is in your area.

Citrine "The Composer"
Citrine is the ultimate optimiser in life. It brings happiness, wonder, enthusiasm and joy throughout your life. Citrine is the golden optimist of your life. It helps you get rid of worry, fear and doubt by providing warmth, motivation, & clarity. Citrine will help you relieve anxiety and tension from your body, mind and emotions, much like yoga can help ease a stiff back. A Citrine will help you unwind and feel more in control.

Moonstone 'The Mellow'
Are you a busy, stressed out mother by chance? Moonstone is a powerful stone for fertility as well as pregnancy and childbirth. Moonstone is great for all women, whether they are young or elderly. It aids in connecting with our feminine side, and balances female hormones. It is also known to be a 'new beginning' and encourage inner strength and development. When starting fresh, it helps to eliminate the fear and stress and helps with stabilising emotions so you're capable of moving forward with confidence.

Rose Quartz 'The Relisher’
It's as beautiful and calming pink hues suggest, this crystal is the crystal of lurrrve. We believe that self-love is the most amazing thing that exists in the world. With this crystal near your body, you'll experience the love, inspiration, and inspiration in all its forms. It is easy to overlook how crucial it is to be a lover of yourself, especially when you're stressed or anxious, or just in a rush. It's as simple as giving yourself time to be fully present in your life and in your heart. Keep a small piece of rose Quartz where we can always look at it will show respect confidence, trust, and value in you and allow your mind, heart and soul to be clear of the stresses of life.

Celestite "The Celestial"
Celestite is a stone that was directly sent from the heavens. The crystal can help connect you to the Angelic realms and allow for the free circulation of Divine frequencies. It can relieve anxiety, stress, and obsessive thinking. This crystal is perfect for singers, actors, and those who are nervous about new experiences. The energy will ease any anxieties about performing, nerves and fear of crowds shyness, or stage fright. The Divine Crystal will bring peace and harmony to your life and will aid you in maintaining your inner peace that you desire. You can find all the best crystals for anxiety and depression in our shop.
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